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Bacon's cipher encoder and decoder


Bacon's cipher:

1) Bacon's cipher, which is essentially a replacement password, is encoded and decoded according to the corresponding conversion rules, and the plaintext information is hidden through unobvious features;
2) Bacon password encoding rules, convert each letter in the plain text into a set of five English letters to get the cipher text. The conversion rule table is as follows:
a   AAAAA   g   AABBA   n  ABBAA    t      BAABA
b   AAAAB   h   AABBB   o  ABBAB   u-v  BAABB
c    AAABA  i-j  ABAAA   p  ABBBA    w    BABAA
d   AAABB   k   ABAAB   q  ABBBB    x     BABAB
e   AABAA   l    ABABA   r   BAAAA    y     BABBA
f    AABAB   m  ABABB   s   BAAAB   z     BABBB
3) When decoding the Bacon cipher, group the ciphertext with 5 characters and replace it with the corresponding plaintext.
4) Bacon password, there are usually two different conversion rules, one is that I and J, U and V use the same encoding, and the other is that I and J, U and V use different encodings.

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