Playfair cipher encoding and decoding tool, providing online Playfair decoding, Playfair encoding, and Playfair converters to quickly encrypt, decrypt, and verify Playfair cipher.
    Online affine cipher encoder and decoder, obtains the cipher text through a simple unary equation calculation on the encrypted letters, which is similar to the Caesar cipher principle, but has a higher strength than the Caesar cipher.
    The Virginia cipher (also translated as the Vergenal cipher) is an encryption method based on the Caesar cipher. It uses a series of Caesar ciphers to form an encryption algorithm for the cipher alphabet. It is a simple form of multi-table ciphers.
    Caesar cipher, as one of the oldest symmetric encryption systems, encodes and decodes text by moving letters by a certain number of digits. When encoding, all letters in the plain text move a fixed number backward (or forward) on the alphabet and then rep
    Online Morse code translator, Morse code translation, can translate English letters into Morse password, or Morse code into English letters.
    Online file MD5 calculation, you can calculate the file MD5 value without uploading files, quickly and easily verify whether the file has been modified.